Lets now look at Muhammad (prophets) fruits of how he dealt with some people, these are true stories taken out of Islamic books like the Sahih Bukhari which is considered Sunnah in Islam.  Any Muslim who denies the hadith is not considered a Muslim and must obey the Sunnah.  These are people who were assassinated by Muhammad's orders by his followers.

Now you tell me what is the motive of a prophet doing this sort of behavior, if Muhammad prophet is a real prophet then why couldn't God  deal with these people on his behalf.

Some of these stories are quite brutal so read at your own risk, you have been warned....
 Abdullah Ibn Sarh  Cruelty
 Abdullah Ibn Ubayy  Curses
 Abu Afak  Kab Bin Ashraf
 Al Nadr  Kinana
 Amar B  Meccan 10 Murdered
 Asma Bint Marwan  Muhammad's Enemies
 Spy Execution  Salam Murder
 Sunayna  Umaya Bin Khalaf
 Uqba Bin Abi  A Christian View on this
Muhammad's brutality at it's extreme!


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