Holy Christ
 I was born on 11th January, 1959 in a shi'ite Muslim family in Quetta Pakistan.  I obtained my formal elementary education from government school in Quetta.  I did my intermediate education from government degree college Loralai.  I joined University of Agriculture Faisalabad and obtained my BSc (Hon) & MSc (Hon) degrees majoring in Plant Breeding & Genetics.  In 1986 I joined provincial Agriculture department and held various positions.  On December,1st,2001 I obtained six years extra ordinary
leave without pay from my department.

I have been serving as Assistant Professor & head of my department at Balochistan Agriculture College Quetta until I was granted leave in December. Prior to joining the University of Agriculture I was an active member in Shia ministry working in a different way.  I was not a blind-faith follower like other shi'ite workers.  I always made my own study & research to understand Islam & its teaching. I always asking questions from shia clergy elites for my satisfactions and due to my these asking habit I was beaten up by the shia youths on various occasions in Imam Bargahs or in muharram processions in the presence of audiences.

They always used to call me as Kafir(non-muslim) and when I told them that the biggest prophet according to predictions in Bible was not Muhammad but the Jesus Christ ,then they declared me as Christians. In early 1999 I met my Lord the Jesus Christ in revelation somewhere in Palestinian territory.  HE embraced me very well and made conversation in my mother tongue Persian. HE told me that HE needs my services for HIM.  I obeyed the lord Jesus. But in the morning when I woke-up I thought a little about my revelled dream and I ignored it like an ordinary dream.  After two & half months later the same revelation was repeated & the Jesus Christ asked my willingness to serve for HIM.

I agreed to work for my Lord.  In the morning I was too much confused about these consecutive revelations but this time I felt myself in Jesus faith, so I declared that Jesus Christ is the son of God and I become a Christian.  I then thought thoroughly that how I can serve my Lord & in which way I can do this job worthwhile.

Concluding I decided to go to Afghanistan to disseminate the gospel of Bible.  Here I want to mention that I can speak & teach in Pashto, Darri & Persian languages being spoken in Afghanistan.  To do work , I must be equipped with a thorough & extensive
knowledge of Bible. So I have decided to get admission in Theological Seminary College. I have been baptised by Pastor Professor Tahir Javed of Calvary Church Faisalabad on 21st December, 2001.

I has been honoured by membership of Calvary church Warispura  Faisalabad on 25th December,2001.  I married in 1990 in Quetta and I have three sons aging from 9 years to three years.  When I tried to convert my wife into Christianity my father-in-law who is a shi'ite clergy took my wife & kids to his home stating that I will never allow you to convert my daughter. Since that time my other
family members also struck me off out of their lives and assets.  I came to faisalabad on December, 9th , 2001 & joined Pastor safeer Qadirand Prof. Tahir Javed whose devoted personality ,faith and cooperative fellowship  guided me and become a source which strengthened my faith stronger.  He has submitted my application to Arthur James Principal Gujranwala Theological Seminary for M.Div degree course.


                    SAjjad John
                ( former Name Sajjad Ali Foladi
                 E-mail: sajjadjohn@usa.com