How God Saved And Called Me

                                        Pastor Haroon M.Zia Karachi


I was born in a nominal Christian family on 12th January 1966. in Faisalabad Pakistan.

My father was a committed believer. And he was a worker with the Landlord.

As I was about twelve years old I used to go to attend evening worship service daily in local church with my father.  Our Brother S.M Daniel mostly preached on the topic of God's judgement, that God will send into hell all those who do not believe in Jesus Christ.  So in the light of the word of God my heart was moved and I decided to accept Jesus into my heart as my personal saviour and Lord.  After some years I was baptized during a Convention in 1981 in Lahore by Bro, Hiddayat Masih.

After my new birth I studied the Bible thoroughly five times in three years including my school study.  I attended many bible-study camps and convention in those years the holy spirit was pushing me to enter into full-time service of God.  I meditated day and night on this issue for five years and finally I jumped into full-time service of the Lord with deep conviction and Satisfaction of the Holy Spirit on 15th July 1982.  Although I was just 17 years old that time I was mentally prepared to bear any kind of hardships, hindrances and problems in the service of the Lord.

For this purpose I bought a used Bicycle and left my parent's house and I went to another district to live with an older pastor under his direction.  For three years I stayed with him. in those years I spent much time in personal Bible-study and prayer.  From time to time I used to go to visit and share the word of God in villages around that station on bicycle.  Travel on bicycle was not difficult to me that time.  Usually I travelled on bicycle 20 to 25 kms daily, sometimes I travelled 60-70 kms.  Those years were very precious to me.  In spite of many problems and hardships God encouraged me, led me and took me to many places as his ambassador to share his word.  I had hunger for God and God satisfied me with his blessed presence according to his promise in Math 5:6, Since I had given my education after class 5th to join full-time service of God.  During the Ministry God miraculously guided and helped me to pass the examination of 10th as a private student in 1987.  This examination was passed directly from class 5th to 10th. And likewise I passed Inter in 1989 and finally I got graduation from Punjab University Lahore in 1991.

Moreover God provided opportunity to me to get thoroughly Bible training from (BTC) Bible Training Centre Lahore.  My wedding was arranged on 12th February 1993 in Karachi.  God has given me three children, Abigail Haroon is 8 years old, Priscilla Haroon is of 2 years and Moses Haroon is of 6 weeks.  I had been praying and mediating many years to establish a special ministry and by the grace of God I could start the <Evangelical Logas Ministry> in the beginning of this year 2001. (Evangelism Logas Ministry) includes Bible-teaching,  preaching, Christian counselling and Evangelism.

New experience and opportunity in the Lord's service;

In June 2001 I started to go to visit and preach among Bheels, 50 kms far from Karachi. this tribe belongs to Hindu religion.  They are outcast & lowest grade in their community.  They cultivate the land for the landlords, their social & family condition is very much poor but thank God they have hunger & thirst for the word of God.  About thirty families have been come to the Lord.  They need very much prayer & Financial help of God's people.  I give special thanks to God that he is opening new doors for this Ministry.  Can I request you to pray for me that the Lord give me his wisdom to do work in his field.

God bless you,

Pastor Haroon M.Zia. Karachi Pakistan


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