The Story of Hamzat Hussein Mujahid

My mother promised God that if He would give her a boy she would
dedicate him to serve the Lord all his life. God answered her prayer. But I
grew up hating anything to do with God and the Church. My father was an
Episcopal Catechist but I didnít want to go to church. When they
prepared for church I would sneak out. I wanted my freedom and didnít want to
be controlled, so I started living with my friends. I only went home
when I needed money.

By the time I started to college I had a gang that would do anything I
asked. They broke into homes and shops, stealing whatever I wanted. I
had the idea that I was raising an army.

Because I wanted to have more power and authority over people, I joined
an occult secret society (the great ancient lodge). My occult
involvement became deeper because I thought they were protecting me.

I began dealing in drugs and after college my drug business was in full
swing. I was living in the northern part of Nigeria transporting drugs
to neighbouring North African countries. I made lots of money but wasted
it all. One day I realized I wasnít making money, like before. It
really bothered me, so I started searching for the cause. I found out my
mother had been fasting and organizing prayers on my behalf. When I
discovered this, I became very angry. A bitter hatred developed for her and
Christianity so I decided to become a Muslim.

I went to the mosque and declared myself a Muslim. When they learned of
my background, they became very interested in me. It was considered a
big thing for a pastorís son to be converted to Islam.


I abandoned everything and committed myself to learning the Islamic
principles of Jihad. I even changed my last name. My new name was, Hamzat
Hussein Mujahid, meaning, "son of war, ready for battle".

I was angry with Christian God, whom I thought had prevented me from
making money and having success. So, I made up my mind to be a radical
Muslim. I vowed I would fight Christianity.

I began my training as a Muslim cleric in the best Islamic school in
Kaduna, Nigeria, under the leadership of Sheik Abubakhar Gumi. He vowed
he was going to turn Nigeria in an Islamic State.

I quickly grew in my Islamic training and I began speaking on radio,
attacking Christianity, propagating Islam. I held debates on comparative
religion, though it was all about attacking the Bible, Jesus and Mary.
I was very zealous because I believed with all my being that I was
fighting a real cause, It is considered a very noble cause Islam to fight
for Allah.

Here is a very shocking fact that every Christian needs to know. Inside
every real Muslim, is a spirit called "anti-Christ". That spirit is a
blood-sucking demon. When one is under the influence of that demon, the
person, pants to spill blood. There is a desire in every serious Muslim
to kill and the best target is a Christian. I wish every Christian
understood this, it would help them to pray for Muslims.

The time came when I was to go to Saudi Arabia to study Islamic law.
The Shiek planned to train Islamic radicals and place them in every
Nigerian State. I was to be trained in Saudi Arabia and used in the eastern

We were ready to go to Saudi Arabia, when the Gulf War broke out. They
cancelled our journey because it wasnít convenient to travel to that

At that time, I was having constant dreams of my parents, I would wake
up with thoughts of my mother. I had not seen her for more than seven
years. These dreams continued to haunt me until I decided I was going to
see them before I left for Egypt, where I was to stay until the Gulf
War ended.

When I told the chief Imam about my plan, he became angry and refused.
The other students heard of it and all disagreed with me the following
night I couldnít sleep I wanted to see my mother. That was all I
thought about. When they saw that I was serious they agreed that I should go.

A sacrifice was made for me and prayers, not actual prayers, but
incantations. This made me feel bold. I thought to myself that nothing would
happen to me. I never imagined that I was going to have the greatest
experience in my life.


When I got home it was a celebration for my mother. She had become
known as the mother of believers in our town. What I didnít know was that a
month prior to my coming, she had organized a 30-day dry fast for my
deliverance. At the end of the fast, the Lord gave her a vision. She saw
that I came home and was leading many Muslims was leading many Muslims
into the church instead of the Mosque. The vision was made known to
believers and they were all expecting me.


When I got there I locked myself up in a room the whole day. No one
talked to me and I didnít talk to anyone including my mother. The
following day a pastor friend came to see me, he spoke briefly and gave me a
Bible. He opened it to the book of Mark and read from chapter 16, verses
15-18. Before he left, he told me that if I wanted to know more about
the Bible, if I wanted to find out if the Bible is the word of God and
Jesus is Godís Son and He is alive now and ready to save me, then I
should re-read the verses he read to me.

I couldnít sleep that night, the thought kept running through kept
running through my mind, "suppose that man was right? AM I ready to accept
what he says? Am I ready to become a Christian?"

No! I didnít want to be a Christian, my body started shaking with anger
at the though of it. The restlessness continued until 4:00 A.M. the
time I was supposed to say my prayers as a Muslim. My heart started
beating faster and the question kept haunting me, "Suppose what he said is
true, are you ready to become a Christian?"

I took the Bible and opened it to Mark 16 and started reading,
beginning with verse 15. When I reached, "And these signs shall follow them
that believe; In my name, shall they cast out devils;" I said to myself,
"devils? Who can cast out devils but God alone?" "They shall speak with
new tongues/" what does "speak with new tongues" mean? I stopped there.
I couldnít read further. My mind said, "these things canít be true".
But I heard another voice say, "try it no." In my mind the battle
continued, I knew Jesus was not the Son of God and that He didnít die, ho
could I believe him to save me? I also remembered that there is no promise
of a saviour in Islam. You must suffer the consequences your sins.


Finally, I said, "I will try it, just to prove that pastor wrong." I
didnít really want to be a Christian. I just wanted to try it. As I took
the Bible again and read it I said, "God, if this is true, if Jesus is
your son and He died for my sins, I want to know." I just kept
repeating that. I didnít know what to say or how to believe.

My body started shaking, not with anger, but in anticipation. As I
repeated this phrase, it occurred to me that it was Jesus I wanted to know,
not God. In my mind, I thought I knew God.

Then I said, "Jesus if You are the Son of God and if You really died
for my sins, I want to know You." I said it again. As I opened my mouth
the third time to say "Jesus" before I could finish I felt a presence at
my back, as if somebody came and wrapped his arms around me.

I felt something run through my body. I didnít feel any fear. It was so
peaceful that when I opened my mouth to say something, I burst into
some language. It was so forceful, I wanted to stop, but I couldnít. The
more I tried the more I kept speaking. I knew it wasnít Arabic, it
wasnít Hausa, it wasnít English, it wasnít anything I knew. I didnít know
what was happening. I became conscious of the fact that although I was
alone in the room, I felt an unseen presence. I started crying.

All the foolishness I had done during my childhood and my foolish
Islamic activities unfolded before me. As I kept crying, the power came on
me and I started speaking that language again. I didnít know I was
speaking in tongues. I was in that state for more than two hours.


I thought I went to sleep, but it was a vision. A hand placed a small
ball in front of me. The more I looked at it, the more it grew. It
continued expanding until it became so big that my eyes couldnít see the
whole shape. It filled the room and became bigger than the room. It was as
if I was inside the ball.

I heard a voice say to me, "I have chosen to reveal myself to you, but
you will have to know me step by step because I am bigger than you

Then the vision ended, I thought somebody was there with me,
physically, because the voice was so loud that it filled my head. When I think
about it now, I know God speaks in a still small voice, but He had to
talk loud to me because my ears had not been trained to hear the still
small voice of God. Besides, I really needed to be talked to that loud. I
was a dead man! He had to speak loud for me to hear.

I took the Bible opened it to Mark chapter 16, and read the whole
chapter again and again. It dawned on me that the Bible is not just true, it
is alive! I read the whole book of Mark. I opened my door and came out
a different man.

That evening, I went to see one of my cousins, living nearby. Her
daughter had been sick for more than two weeks. So sick, that she had not
eaten any food. She had to be carried to the bathroom because she
couldnít walk. As I stepped into her room, I felt that power come upon me
again. I placed my hand on her and I burst in to that language again. After
a few moments it stopped and I looked at the mother. She was surprised.
I was surprised also because I didnít know what I had done. Later, she
told me that she thought I was speaking Arabic.

She woke me the following morning, telling me that her daughter got up
in the night wanting food and later went out to play. Immediately, my
mind went to the Bible, I remembered what it said, "They shall lay hands
on the sick and they shall recover." I said, "Jesus you are true" My
mother had sent for the pastor he explained what had taken place in my
life and talked to me more about Jesus and the love of God.

That evening he took me to his church. They were already singing then
everyone started praying,, but it seems I was praying louder than
anyone. What I didnít know was that I was prophesying.


the pastor invited me to live at his house and in a process of time, I
learned that the lord had called me to reach my Muslim brothers. I have
such a burden for the Muslims. They need to be reached with the Gospel.
I believe any Muslim can be converted to Christ by the power of the
Holy Spirit.

One of the things God spoke to me during my experience was, "Son I am
sending you back to the Muslims, as an evidence of what I will do among
them. Donít fear, the Holy Ghost is stronger than the spirit of Islam."